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Our Work

Product Development

Vital Dynamx helps startups and early stage companies with product concept and development for mobile & web applications. We work with you to get your app ideas off the ground, refined, developed, and turned into a profitable business. We give you the guidance and technical direction to make you successful!


Vital Dynamx collaborates with you to build focused and scalable applications that are engaging and inspire customers. We help with

  • Product conceptualization, idea iteration, and prototyping
  • User interface design, user experience, and user flows
  • Technical architecture, app development, and cloud infrastructure management
  • Product management, digital marketing strategy, and user growth
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Xcell Science

Web Application

XCell Science is a biotechnology company that provides cell technology and services for use in drug discovery, toxicology, and cell replacement therapy.



Web Application

KidsHub connects parents and children with their schools, teachers, and classrooms. Users can manage and share class info, school events, volunteer schedules, and more.



iOS Application

SURV helps people discover events, purchase packages, and book reservations at exclusive nightlife venues.


About Us

Vital Dynamx was founded with a mission to develop amazing applications with engaging online experiences and along the way has helped many companies improve their products and grow their customers. Anand Chandrasekaran is Vital Dynamx's founder and principal product consultant working directly with company founders and executive teams.

Anand Chandrasekaran

Product Development & Founder

Expert product manager and CTO with over 15 years experience in web & mobile development, user interface / user experience design, digital marketing, business operations, and infrastructure management. Anand has lead product development teams at both startups and Fortune 500 companies.


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