Nightlife Booking Native Mobile Application

Concept + Customer Research + UI/UX Design + Web/API & iOS/Android Development

The Idea

SURV wanted to make nightlife more accessible through easy booking and transparent pricing. Essentially create a mobile marketplace to connect buyers with sellers by providing detailed venue information, availability, types of service, and cost.

The Result

Vital Dynamx worked with SURV to come up with an idea of how a mobile nightlife booking app should look, feel, and function. Through an iterative and customer intensive concept design and prototyping phase, a full-featured polished MVP was created. In addition to core marketplace and purchasing features, a complex payment transfer system with multi-partner commission management that moved money between end-users and business customers was developed.

Color Palette


Primary Font

Proximanova ( Bold, Light, Thin )

Secondery Font

Helvetica ( Bold, Light )

Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails 4.2.5
HTML5 | CSS3 | Javascript 1.8.5
Objective-C 2.0
MySQL 5.7
Heroku | AWS